Jobs Not Snobs: How Workers are the True Climate Heroes | Zion | 24 Nov 2020

Let’s be honest: sustainable lifestyle changes are hardest for working class people. Owning a hybrid car or an electric bike, taking the train abroad rather than a much cheaper flight, buying quinoa instead of keema (an Indian dish made of ground meat), are predominantly middle-class choices — privileges — that require adequate income and time. I have long argued that it should be cheaper for people to make green choices, for example with more low-cost options for public transport, but what working class communities need first and foremost is reliable, well-paid jobs.

The 2020 UK Energy white paper and replacing the UK's nuclear fleet | John | 14 Dec 2020

The UK government has just published its energy White Paper "Powering Our Net Zero Future". How does it envisage decarbonising our energy supplies and what does that mean for plans to replace our nuclear fleet, most of which is due to retire by the end of the decade with only one new power station - Hinkley Point C - currently under construction to replace it?

Jonathon Porritt's June 2021 Greenpeace article | John | 22 June 2021

On 1st June 2021 Greenpeace published a blog piece by Jonathon Porrit titled "We don’t need nuclear power to tackle climate change". The intellectual honesty of this piece is quickly established by the subheading "I’ve always kept an open mind about nuclear power" followed in the first paragraph by "I’ve been ‘anti-nuclear’ since 1974".