About Nuclear For Net Zero


Nuclear for Net Zero was set up in the summer of 2020 by a group of climate activists and supporters as a grassroots environmental organisation campaigning for nuclear energy. The group staged protests in the streets of Ipswich, on the beach beside Sizewell’s existing nuclear power station, and in central London, calling on the government to build new nuclear power stations at Sizewell and elsewhere in the UK.

Activists with Build Sizewell C banner in sea at Sizewell beach

Since mid-2021 the active core of the group, and its activities have moved to Emergency Reactor

Emergency Reactor web page

This site is now maintained by one of the original members of the group as a resource to the climate solutions advocacy movement.

Who's paying you to do this?

This site is entirely created and funded by one individual out of their own pocket. There's no big secret about who this person is but nobody's ever heard of them and they prefer discussion to be about the facts presented here than who is presenting them.

Why are you doing this?

Because climate change and other environmental issues are huge challenges facing humanity and other species on this beautiful planet we call home. We - the author of this site and allies - know we are not the experts: we respect the work done by the hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world in understanding the challenges we face and the means we have to tackle them, and we advocate for citizens and governments alike to listen to and be lead by the science, and to act urgently and effectively to safeguard the well-being of ourselves, our children and our fellow world citizens.

Climate justice

In particular we recognise the gross inequalities between citizens of the world, and the injustice that the richest quarter of the world's population are mostly responsible for the climate emergency whilst the world's poorest people suffer most from its effects. We challenge those who propose climate change "solutions" which would keep the world's poorest from achieving a standard of living comparable with the world's better-off.

Reality check

We are realists. We consider it foolish and irresponsible to bank on climate change "solutions" which rely on speculative changes in human behaviour, which have never been found possible to achieve in comparable circumstances. And whilst we consider that there should be massive and urgent programmes of research and development into technical mitigation solutions, we should be implementing plans which use existing technology and that do not depend on technological breakthroughs to be effective.