Nuclear For Net Zero

Education, advocacy, and activism for climate mitigation through nuclear energy.


Climate change is real.
It's serious.
Nuclear energy could make an increasing contribution to tackling it.


These are the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) whose meticulous assessments of the evidence on climate change and mitigation represent our best understanding of the scientific consensus.

Unfortunately not everybody accepts the science. Some, including powerful vested interests, reject the consensus on climate change, some accept that it is happening but deny the severity of its consequences, and some accept these facts but reject various of the possible solutions. There is particularly strong opposition to nuclear energy from a combination of ideological opponents in the anti-nuclear movement and vested interests in the pro-renewables and pro-fossil fuel lobbies (for whom nuclear energy is a strong commercial competitor).

We in Nuclear For Net Zero advocate using all evidence-based mitigation solutions including renewables, nuclear, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), energy efficiency and conservation, rewilding and reforestation, etc. The scale and severity of the climate crisis is such that we need all the tools we have available to tackle it effectively. Our particular focus is on nuclear energy because it has been subject to widespread political and corporate attacks and misinformation which have obscured its unique combination of capabilities for climate mitigation:

  • It provides low carbon electricity (and can provide other forms of energy, such as hydrogen and heat).
  • It provides power reliably, 24*7, regardless of weather and season.
  • It can be used almost anywhere, independent of geography and meteorology.
  • It requires very little land, sparing land for agriculture, rewilding and other uses.
  • It can be built more rapidly than other low-carbon energy sources.
  • It can provide low-carbon energy at reasonable prices when all system costs are included.
  • It is extremely safe.

Do some of these statements seem surprising? Unbelievable even? They were for many of us, who believed the common anti-nuclear myths before we learned the science. But please don’t either take or reject our word for it; please check out the facts and sources we cite and judge whether those claiming otherwise are offering similarly robust evidence.